President: Lori Aratari
Vice President: Wesley Bedford
Treasurer: Rebecca Cohen
Secretary: Jake Whiting

Board of Directors – Voting Members

  • Lori Aratari – UMMC Foundation, Executive Director
  • Wesley Bedford – M&T Bank, Senior Branch Manager
  • Jake Whiting- Attorney
  • Rebecca Cohen- small business owner
  • Derek Geib – small business owner
  • Chris Fix- former City Councilwoman
  • Steve Pies – Max Pies Furniture, small business owner
  • Nate Varland- Batavia Housing Authority
  • Rachael Tabelski, City Manager, Ex-Officio Member
  • Pierluigi Cipollone – former City Councilman, small business owner

Board of Directors – Non-voting Members (Advisory)

  • None at this time


Tammy Hathaway, Director of Economic Development

Former Director, Brett Frank (2021-2022)

Former Director, Andrew Maguire (2019- 2021)

2020-2021 Committees and Workgroups:

Governance Committee

Meets as needed, at least twice a year.

Wesley Bedford, Chair
Jake Whiting
Lori Aratari
Rebecca Cohen
Rachael Tabelski


Audit & Finance Committee

Meets as needed, at least twice a year
Lori Aratari
Jake Whiting
Wesley Bedford
Rebecca Cohen
Rachael Tabelski


Small Business Workgroup

Meets as needed:
Pier Cipollone
Lori Aratari
Rebecca Cohen
Wesley Bedford
Steve Pies
Chris Fix
Nate Varland
Johnathan Tretter
Beth Kemp (BID)
Ryan Smith
Matthew Gray
Tom Mancuso/ Jarrod Clark (Harvester BIC)


Marketing Workgroup

Meets as needed
Steve Pies
Chris Fix
Rebecca Cohen
Jim Krencik (GCEDC)
Leanna Di Rissio


Creek Park Workgroup
Matt Gray
Matt Worth
Tom Turnbull
Paul Viele
Adam Tabelski
Peter Casey
Jay Gsell
Stephanie Call
Steve Pies
Pier Cipollone